Flat Wedding Shoes- Design your own with Elizabeth Rose.

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Beginning your wedding shoe search can be an intimidating one, looking at pinterest you'll see sky high stilettoes and absolutely gorgeous heels that you know won't last the day when your wedding day arrives. So your next line of thought is flat shoes... this trail can lead you to thinking that every pair of flat wedding shoes look similar to the next,  or in order to find a pretty pair of flats you have to re-mortage your house. 

Here at Elizabeth Rose we create completely unique and beautiful flat wedding shoes, designed to suit you. We have a variety of flat wedding shoe styles, ranging from ballet flats, to plimsoles and wedding converse shoes. 

Our designer Sophie leads you through the design process step by step, from choosing the right size, to choosing the best flowers/pattern/personal details you want to be added in order to create a personal keep sake for the rest of your life. 

Purple Anenome

Hand-painted ballerina flats are the perfect all day accessory, these striking purple anenome flats add a splash of colour and can be tailored to match your wedding bouquet flowers. 

Wedding trainers white roses

Wedding trainers are such an appealing idea, especially when they can look so pretty, and even be worn after the wedding day! These white converse style wedding shoes were hand-painted with white roses, wisteria flowers and gypsophila to match the bridal bouquet. 


Another style of flat ballerina shoes we have are these gorgeous satin slipper style shoes, they are the comfiest shoe style and make for the perfect bridesmaid and flower girl shoe as they come in children sizes as well as adult, and really what is better than matching your bridal party?

Now you're inspired to design your own shoes, contact our designer Sophie to find out your perfect shoe style and hand-painted design for you and your wedding day! Contact us using the form below and Sophie will be in touch shortly. 

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