The Prettiest Blush Pink Wedding Dresses and Matching Wedding Shoes

A trend we are absolutely loving at Elizabeth Rose HQ right now is a blush wedding dress, the prettiest shades excentuating stunning bead work or lace we are swimming in inspirationg when it comes to our shoe designs. We have had a couple of gorgeous brides approach us for hand-painted shoes that will match their blush wedding dresses, and the possibility is endless when your starting point is such a gorgeous and unique wedding dress. 

To get you inspired on your search for unique ethereal wedding dresses, and the personalised wedding shoes that compliment them, we have created a short list of our current favourites. 

Image: Jose Villa Photography

Image: Jose Villa Photography

pink peony handpainted satin wedding shoes

Oh my goodness, where to begin?! 

This needle and thread gown is a part of their current dress collection, and we are so in love! The bead work, the tulle and cape are such a beautiful ensemble. We pair this stunning blush wedding gown with our rose gold bridal shoe in ivory satin with hand-painted pink peonies, off set with subtle lilac flowers. Perfection!

If you're looking for something that still holds the whisper of a traditional wedding dress but with a twist this blush tulle skirt and ivory bodice dress is the one for you! The simple and oh-so elegant silohette means that you will feel like you are walking on a powder pink puff of air on your wedding day.

We paired this ethereal gown with our hand painted flat satin ballerina shoes, embellished with subtle david austin roses, silver leaf eucalyptus and babiesbreath.

blush satin wedding shoes with butterfly and bumblebee print

Wow! Wowzer wowee, what can we say? This applique blush wedding dress is just so beautiful, the ombre effect leads from the darker blush pink up the skirt into the ivory lace bodice perfectly, creating the most beautiful silohette.

We could not help but pair our blush pink satin wedding shoes, hand painted with pink peonies and butterflies. 

Pink peony and eucalyptus sling back satin shoes

We might be biased with embellishments but we do adore a needle and thread gown, and this one is no exception. The gorgeous blush beadwork off set with more bold browns and black make for the most intricate and beautiful gown that also looks laidback and effortless, tick, tick and tick! Without over whelming the whole ensemble, we pair our gorgeous satin sling back shoes, hand painted with pale pink peonies and sweetpea flowers, finished with silver eucalyptus leaves. What more could you want?

All of the dresses above have been linked to their origanal website, the shoes are all available in our shop, and can obviously be customised to match your own personal style, so be sure to get in touch!

Elegant and Unique Flat Wedding Shoes from Elizabeth Rose London

When Elizabeth Rose was created, our founder Sophie began a journey of discovering what Brides, Bridemaids and wedding guests felt was missing from the wedding industry. Quite quickly Sophie noticed a distinct lack of interesting and beautiful flat wedding shoes available to those seeking a comfortable alternative to high heels on the wedding day. 

So it is of no surprise to know that our flat satin wedding shoes are one of our most popular styles. The beautiful ballerina pumps are handmade in the UK and then hand-painted in our London studio by Sophie herself. The satin shoes can be hand-painted with anything your heart desires, whether its your wedding bouque flowers, a sentimental item, or even your beloved pet, we design the shoes with you in order to create the perfect wedding shoes just for you. 

To get you inspired, we have picked out some our most popular designs below.

We also offer hand-painted canvas trainers, perfect for the bride who wants ultimate comfort on her wedding day, and also the days following. Our brides love going for a combination design of hand-painted satin shoes, as well as a pair of matching painted converse for their honeymoon, creating a keepsake that can be worn and a keepsake that can also be cherished

To design your own pair of hand-painted wedding shoes, simply fill out the form below and our designer Sophie will be in touch to start the process of creating your perfect wedding shoes  

Name *

The Chicest Personalisation Ideas for your Wedding Day

At Elizabeth Rose, we are ALL about personalisation and we love finding other brands who create keepsakes for your wedding day in a completely unique way too. Our latest crush is Hermione De Paula and their absolutely breathtaking gowns, within each you will find an extra special personalisation detail, exquisitely embroidered.

Hermione De Paula personalised wedding dress
Hermione De Paula Wedding Dress detail monogram
'Hermione de Paula embodies a world where the exotic meets the traditional English rose country garden. Romantic surrealist prints and a look-closer approach to detail underpin her design philosophy, be it through one of her now classic kimono robes or couture embroidered gowns. There is always a sense of the bespoke, the hand-drawn, English craftsmanship. Working more as an artist than a typical fashion designer, Hermione celebrates the flora and fauna of the landscape around us: secret messages combine with flowers in disguise and paradisiacal prints for you to find'-
Embroidered monogram Wedding Veil Hermione De Paula
Personalised Leather Jacket handpainted floral lyrics Wedding jacket

A further personalisation possibilty can be found in hand-painted leather jackets, Leather jackets for brides and wedding parties are so chic right now and Elizabeth Rose now has a leather jacket collection ready for you to personalise. We can handpaint your first song lyrics, your favourite quote about love, and of course your married name. The sky is the limit with our custom leather jackets so get in touch to start designing your own, and for price quotations. 

monogrammed personalised wedding shoes
handpainted wedding sneakers trainers with wedding date

What about the groom we hear you say? The sweetest personalisation we have seen for grooms is this hand stitching of initials just under the collar. Creating the perfect keepsake and secret between the two of you. Perfection.

Personalised embroidery on grooms collar

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas- When buying a ring seems too daunting!

So you have decided to take the next step and propose to your love, your lobster, your one. As soon as you start googling 'engagement rings' you will be inundated by standard single diamond engagement rings, or the 4c's diamond explanations, but spending your budget that you have carefully saved on a ring that your partner might not completely and utterly adore is a bit daunting. 

Our first thoughts as wedding designers is poor you! So we wanted to let you know about the other options you have at your disposal, there is something called a place holder ring that carries the same sentiment, and cute design, without the commitment to a ring that spent all your budget before knowing what your partner will want to wear everyday. 

Newsflash, at Elizabeth Rose our designer Sophie is also an engagement ring designer and she has no idea about the exact design she would want, so these rings below have been confirmed as perfect for proposing by a bonfide expert. The process of designing an engagement ring together with your partner is also such a lovely process (we recommend North London designers Aurus London) that we don't know why you wouldn't want to do that together, whilst also keeping the surprise element with a placeholder ring. 

Lets not jump ahead though... to get you started we have picked out some of our favourite placeholders rings that you can buy from various small business' that will ensure a happy yes when you ask the big question. 

Laura Gravestock heart.jpg

Laura Gravestock has been a firm favourite of Elizabeth Rose since 2012, and her classic written collection has so many gorgeous designs, like this solid gold heart ring, and her gorgeous monogram rings. 

To shop her collection simply follow the link below:

Laura Gravestock.jpg
knot ring.jpg

Another very sweet design is the tiny knot ring, you will be tying the knot so why not give a gentle nod to this when you propose? These gorgeous silver knot rings are handmade by Ash&Rose, a US based jeweller. To shop her collection simply follow the link below:

three diamond ring.jpg

If you're looking for a little bit of classic sparkle, look no further than the gorgeous designs at JSV. Handmade in the US these dainty rings can be the perfect engagement ring for the minimalist bride or groom to be, as well as the stand in ring. 

To shop this design follow the link below:

Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses with the perfect Matching Shoes

That is nothing we love more than a breath-taking and unique wedding dress and Jenny Packham wedding dresses are the absolute dream of course! We have chosen our favourites from her past collections and teamed them with our handpainted wedding shoes. 

Scroll down to get inspired!  

Minnie Ivory.jpg
tulip handpainted wedding shoes


We love the rouched chiffon and off shoulder elegance, and this design comes in the midi length as well as full length! 

Rose Gold Tulip

One of our absolute favourite designs has to be our delicate blush pink tulip wedding shoes, with handpainted gypsophila to delicately add detail to the most understated bridal outfit.  

jane austin rose and eucalyptus handpainted flat wedding shoes


What more is there to say than 'wow'?! This liquid satin wedding dress is the epitome of gatsby glamour. 

Jayne Austin Rose flats

What better way to remain elegant at all times than with flat wedding shoes that boast a unique twist? These delicate satin flats have handpainted David Austin Roses and miss Piggy Roses, topped off beautifully with  eucalyptus greenery.

orchid floral handpainted flat wedding shoes with matching clutch bag

Minnie in Blue 

The blue wedding dress trend is one that we hope stays around for a long time to come, and this chiffon dress with added crystals is just breathtaking. 

Orchid print flat wedding shoe

How delicate and dreamy are these handpainted flat wedding shoes? The purple hue and green orchid detail would add the perfect pop of extra colour to a blue wedding dress.

2013 short beaded.jpg
purple rose and bumble bee print wedding sneakers

Beaded Jenny Packham

Perfect for the wedding reception and dancing the night away. We absolutely adore the embellished design and long sleeves to counter act the midi length with this jenny packham design. 

Purple Rose Sneakers

Unique brides call for unique wedding shoes, and these handpainted converse shoes are perfect for the bride looking for a flat wedding shoe that they can wear after the wedding day. 

Now that you have a small selection of the designs we have created for our unique brides, it's your turn to create your dream wedding shoes. Simply fill out the form below and our designer Sophie will be in contact very soon!

Name *

Unique Wedding Trainers

You may have been linked through to a few Wedding Trends of 2018 articles recently, and here you are reading the wedding shoe trends for 2018 and beyond! The most popular style of shoe we are seeing for 2018 brides is the wedding trainer, and with Elizabeth Rose you can personalise and customise your chosen wedding trainers to match your wedding day!  

Red Rose customised wedding trainers

At Elizabeth Rose we design your shoes along with you in order to create the perfect wedding trainer design, whether you are having a floral filled day or a cartoon themed day we can hand-paint absolutely anything onto your shoes, so don't be afraid to ask for the most obscure design! Customsied trainers are the perfect way to create a unique design that you can wear all day long and for days after the wedding too!

white wisteria wedding trainers

We can both hand-paint trainers you have already purchased, or source the trainers for you. Depending on your wedding budget we can tailor the brand of the shoe to fit with your shoe allowance perfectly. 

Purple rose and succulent print wedding trainers

So if you want to add an extra special touch to your wedding shoes, get in touch with Elizabeth Rose through filling out the form below!

We can't wait to hear from you! 


Name *

Unique Wedding Shoes- for the Unique Bride-To-Be

Where do you start when it comes to planning your wedding?

A bombardment of questions begins, with people wanting to know about your thoughts on dates, venues and dresses, but all you need to remember is to have fun with all the wedding planning you want to undertake. At Elizabeth Rose we believe in having fun with your wedding day and making it as personal as possible, starting with your wedding shoes...

Our hand-painted wedding accessories have been described as our brides' favourite part of their wedding outfit, and we believe that by designing your wedding shoes yourself, whether very subtle with simple monograms, or bold and beautiful with pops of colour, our shoes are the perfect finishing touch to your big day. 

Bird print and wildflower peeptoe wedding shoes
bird print floral wedding shoes

The first thing you might be thinking is that you have to be creative to design your own wedding shoes. Well this is not the case, our award winning wedding shoe designer Sophie guides you through the process step by step. Whether your inspiration is your wedding flowers, or simply colour scheme, Sophie will take your information and sketch up designs for you to see how your shoes might look, from here you can tweak the designs, and add in any other details you have thought of. We also have a huge collection of designs in our online shop that you can simply purchase as they are.

Rose print flat abllerina pumps wedding

Each pair of shoes is handpainted by Sophie in our London studio, so you are guaranteed a unique pair of shoes created just for you, as our shoes are not printed by a computer no one pair is the same. 

IMG_2992 - Copy.JPG
Sunflower and delphinium wedding wedges

We can find the perfect wedding shoe style for you, so you do not need to worry about finding the shoe and sending it to us. We have a huge online calalogue of designs for you to choose from, so whether you want a wedge peep toe satin shoe, or a mary-jane strap satin shoe, we can find it for you and tailor the heel height to suit you. 

We can even do wedding sneakers handpainted, we have a huge selection as we know that everyone is different, flat wedding shoes are perfect for brides who are not used to heels, and our ankle strap heels are perfect for people who find that shoes slip off their narrow feet. 


Purple Rose, succulent and bumble bee print wedding trainers

So get in touch to discuss the shoe style you would like to wear all day on your wedding day.

Siply fill out the form below and Sophie will be in touch with your shortly. 

Name *

Wedding Trend colours for 2018

Pantone have announced their colour predictions for 2018  and we cannot wait to see how they will be translated into goegeous weddings up and down the land! 

We took part in the Wedding Academy Live Pantone challange, and created a moodboard inspired by our favourite colour 'Blooming Dahlia'. This gorgeous hue makes us think of garden roses, blush wedding dresses and fresh pastel cocktails, and I'm sure you would agree that those elements all create the perfect formula for a stunning wedding set up! 

Take a look at our 'pink gallery' to get inspired for your own personalised wedding shoes, or check out our credits below to find out who created the other beauties in our moodboard below.  

Pantone- Blooming Dahlia.png

Flat Wedding Shoes- Design your own with Elizabeth Rose.

IMG_2225 - Copy.JPG

Beginning your wedding shoe search can be an intimidating one, looking at pinterest you'll see sky high stilettoes and absolutely gorgeous heels that you know won't last the day when your wedding day arrives. So your next line of thought is flat shoes... this trail can lead you to thinking that every pair of flat wedding shoes look similar to the next,  or in order to find a pretty pair of flats you have to re-mortage your house. 

Here at Elizabeth Rose we create completely unique and beautiful flat wedding shoes, designed to suit you. We have a variety of flat wedding shoe styles, ranging from ballet flats, to plimsoles and wedding converse shoes. 

Our designer Sophie leads you through the design process step by step, from choosing the right size, to choosing the best flowers/pattern/personal details you want to be added in order to create a personal keep sake for the rest of your life. 

Purple Anenome

Hand-painted ballerina flats are the perfect all day accessory, these striking purple anenome flats add a splash of colour and can be tailored to match your wedding bouquet flowers. 

Wedding trainers white roses

Wedding trainers are such an appealing idea, especially when they can look so pretty, and even be worn after the wedding day! These white converse style wedding shoes were hand-painted with white roses, wisteria flowers and gypsophila to match the bridal bouquet. 


Another style of flat ballerina shoes we have are these gorgeous satin slipper style shoes, they are the comfiest shoe style and make for the perfect bridesmaid and flower girl shoe as they come in children sizes as well as adult, and really what is better than matching your bridal party?

Now you're inspired to design your own shoes, contact our designer Sophie to find out your perfect shoe style and hand-painted design for you and your wedding day! Contact us using the form below and Sophie will be in touch shortly. 

Name *

Wedding colour trends for 2017- Hand-painted wedding shoes by Elizabeth Rose London

As wedding season begins in 2017 so does the hunt for the perfect accessories, your wedding shoes, bridesmaid accessories and flowergirl shoes. 

At Elizabeth Rose London we create unique wedding shoes that match your wedding colours, ensuring that you do not have to compromise and cave in to buying plain and boring wedding shoes. Our shoes can be as subtle or as eye-popping as you want, we are all about you and designing the perfect shoe for your wedding day. 

So far in 2017 we are seeing a lot of blush pink peonies, blooms of roses & wisps of greenery. Wildflowers are also very popular, creating bursts of beautiful poppies & garden roses enrobed in green leaves. These beautiful contrasts and shades work perfectly when painted on satin shoes with the shimmer of the satin complimenting the colours of the floral print.

We have a sneak peak of some of our Spring summer wedding shoe designs that are ready for the big day, the brides all designed their shoes themselves and even added personal details such as initials or sentimental flowers.

So if you feel inspired to design your own pair of floral wedding shoes simply contact us by clicking on the button below.  Our designer Sophie will then be able to bring your dream wedding shoe design to life. 

5 Unique wedding dresses & beautiful matching wedding shoes

Flowers, on flowers, on flowers. What could be better? With this princess BHLDN applique wedding dress we think that our pink rose and lilac kitten heel wedding shoes would look just devine!

These classic modern wedding shoes, hand-painted with white roses and lots of greenery would look gorgeous with this beautifully sleek BHLDN calf length wedding dress

It was a real style moment when Olivia Palermo's wedding dress was a Carolina Herrara Skirt and Cashmere jumper with gorgeous blue wedding shoes. So re-creating it with an extra special detail would be just perfect. Our blue hydrangea print wedding shoes would look amazing with this BHLDN tulle skirt and jumper dress

We love the idea of a wedding trouser jumpsuit look, it's a timeless Bianca Jagger moment and will make for the perfect style staple for years to come. In keeping with the clean lines and comfort of wedding jumpsuits, we think these coral freesia and succulent print ballerina flat wedding shoes would finish this look off beautifully. 

Adding colour to your wedding dress can be a tricky one, keeping it subtle and beautiful whilst also making a statement. With our lilac rose and delphinium hand-painted wedding shoes this dilemma is solved, these gorgeous heels add a pop of subtle colour and personal touches to your princess style wedding dress. 


Designing your own wedding shoes- How it works...

So you have decided that you want unique wedding shoes, designed around you and your wedding day? Maybe matching bridesmaid shoes, or cute floral flower girl shoes? You are in the right place! 

Elizabeth & Rose is the home of unique wedding accessories and handpainted shoes, dedicated to creating your perfect shoes. We know it is a bit daunting, so we are here to show you the 3 easy steps to designing your own shoes!

Step 1: Get in touch

Either fill out our online form with your design ideas, or email us directly on:

Our designer Sophie will then get in touch to discuss your ideal shoe style, if you need a wedge for a summer wedding, ballet pumps for dancing the night away, or stilettoes for daytime, plimsoles for honeymoon, we have every style, and will be able to send over images for you to choose from. Sophie will also provide a quote for your chosen style.


Step 2: Send us your flower images

If you have booked your flowers, or have simply made an entire pinterest board of your favourites, send those over to us and Sophie will be able to sketch up some design ideas for you to preview, mix and match, and create the perfect design.

Step 3: Watch your design come to life

To get painting all we require is a 50% deposit, once this is paid and the design confirmed, all you need to do is sit back, watch our instagram, and witness your designs come to life.

Our shoes take approximately 5 weeks from ordering the shoes, to them arriving beautifully wrapped in the post, so ensure that you leave enough time before your big day to avoid disappointment!

To get inspired, visit our galleries and get in touch to start planning your dream wedding shoes