Unique Engagement Ring Ideas- When buying a ring seems too daunting!

So you have decided to take the next step and propose to your love, your lobster, your one. As soon as you start googling 'engagement rings' you will be inundated by standard single diamond engagement rings, or the 4c's diamond explanations, but spending your budget that you have carefully saved on a ring that your partner might not completely and utterly adore is a bit daunting. 

Our first thoughts as wedding designers is poor you! So we wanted to let you know about the other options you have at your disposal, there is something called a place holder ring that carries the same sentiment, and cute design, without the commitment to a ring that spent all your budget before knowing what your partner will want to wear everyday. 

Newsflash, at Elizabeth Rose our designer Sophie is also an engagement ring designer and she has no idea about the exact design she would want, so these rings below have been confirmed as perfect for proposing by a bonfide expert. The process of designing an engagement ring together with your partner is also such a lovely process (we recommend North London designers Aurus London) that we don't know why you wouldn't want to do that together, whilst also keeping the surprise element with a placeholder ring. 

Lets not jump ahead though... to get you started we have picked out some of our favourite placeholders rings that you can buy from various small business' that will ensure a happy yes when you ask the big question. 

Laura Gravestock heart.jpg

Laura Gravestock has been a firm favourite of Elizabeth Rose since 2012, and her classic written collection has so many gorgeous designs, like this solid gold heart ring, and her gorgeous monogram rings. 

To shop her collection simply follow the link below:

Laura Gravestock.jpg
knot ring.jpg

Another very sweet design is the tiny knot ring, you will be tying the knot so why not give a gentle nod to this when you propose? These gorgeous silver knot rings are handmade by Ash&Rose, a US based jeweller. To shop her collection simply follow the link below:

three diamond ring.jpg

If you're looking for a little bit of classic sparkle, look no further than the gorgeous designs at JSV. Handmade in the US these dainty rings can be the perfect engagement ring for the minimalist bride or groom to be, as well as the stand in ring. 

To shop this design follow the link below: