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Wedding Bouquet inspiration & designing your floral wedding shoes to match!

Sophie NaylorComment
Custom handpainted wedding shoes floral print

Choosing wedding flowers is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process, they bring such beautiful colour to the room, and can have sentimental meanings too with every flower having particular associations. Furthermore, the charm and scent of fresh flowers is so enchanting and is something that will remind you of your beautiful wedding day forever, the associations of scent whenever you smell it after your wedding day will effortlessly bring everything rushing back to you, making them such a powerful element of your wedding day. 

Wedding bouquets also portray your personality, bursts of colour, or subtle wisps of green beautifully captivate you as a bride. So why not match your bouquet with your wedding shoes? Capturing the floral beauty forever with Elizabeth Rose London, and  completely unique wedding shoes and accessories designed just for you.

As with bouquets, your wedding shoes can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Throw away the misconceptions of boring ivory wedding shoes, we have reinvented the options available, and have bought completely unique wedding shoes into the bridal world, with our hand-painted designs. Our designer Sophie can hand-paint any composition you want, incorporating sentimental flowers and initials to make a truly special pair of shoes that you will keep forever.

To give you an idea of how the design process works, we have selected some of our latest designs and put them next to their wedding bouquet inspiration.  

Coral Charm Pink peony wedding bouquet
Coral Charm peony floral print wedding shoes

Bright pink coral charm peonies and bold green are such a beautiful palette for a summer wedding. Our handpainted peony print wedding shoes are the perfect accompanying accessory to your wedding flowers. 

Unique Wedding bouquet with wildflowers
Wildflower floral print wedding shoes

Woodland weddings are all about the flowers, and these wildflower shoes are inspired by the gorgeous contrasts found in nature. These heels are also available in wedding wedges to ensure that you don't sink into any ground whilst walking around on your wedding day. 

Pale pink rose wedding bouquet
Pale pink rose floral print wedding shoes

Subtle and beautiful is the order of the day with these peony and rose print wedding shoes, handpainted with pink and green to add such a beautiful powder puff of colour to your wedding outfit. These elegant stilettoes are also the perfect shoe to wear to Ascot or other special events such as your wedding anniversairy.

Cherry Blossom and Rose Wedding Bouquet
Pink Rose and Cherry Blossom print flat wedding shoes

Springtime is always such a beautiful time for seasonal flowers, and one of our absolute favourites is cherry blossom. Its not often used in wedding bouquets but we love the unique look that the branches of blooms bring to a bouquet. Our cherry blossom print handpainted flat wedding shoes bring such a subtle look and would make them perfect for everyday wear.

Peach freesia and rose succulent wedding bouquet
Peach Freesia and Eucalyptus Succulent print flat floral wedding shoes

Succulents are becoming so much more popular in wedding bouqets and we can see why! Sprigs of eucalyptus and bursts of succulents create a unique wedding bouquet and look gorgeous when hand-painted on these flat wedding shoes in ivory satin. The subtle peach and mint colour create such a delicate pretty palette.

Now you have seen some inspiration, contact us to start designing your own pair of unique wedding shoes!

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